I began my PCOS journey over 23 years ago. Unable to take any of the classic medications, birth control and Metformin, I was on my own to deal with symptoms I didn’t understand and massive weight gain that came from nowhere. I was very athletic, never fat, and in less than 6 months went from a size 6 to a size 24! Discovering PCOS Diet Support has changed my life. I took the ‘PCOS Master Plan’ course and within 3 ½ months I was down 35 pounds, swelling has gone down massively, and around my stomach I have lost 10 inches! I am wearing size 16 jeans! I am MUCH healthier and am riding my bike, walking my dog, and sleeping through the night! I highly recommend that anyone dealing with PCOS invest in this course…the change you’ve been hoping for…the change that has happened for me…is within reach!