It’s been such an eye opening journey. I am so thankful to have found you and your PCOS Master Plan programme I was so unaware that I had been suffering with so many symptoms from PCOS. All though I was only diagnosed a few years ago I’m pretty sure I’ve had it seen puberty. So for 20 years I’ve been living a ‘normal’ that was anything but. It’s been almost 3 months since I hit my PCOS bottom, which prompted me to search the Internet and eventually find you.

Here is what your course has done for me:

1. Lost 13 lbs, which is my personal happy bikini weight!
2. Motivated me to exercise regularly. Helping manage insulin and energize me.
3. Become a better planner and decrease the amount of wasted food and packaging.
4. Inspired me to be creative in the kitchen! So many PCOS friendly receipts out there! And I love baking now!
5. Blood test revealed testosterone and insulin normal!
6. Follow up appointment scheduled.
7. My husband has lost 35 lbs as well and is feeling better than he has in years and as a result of this lifestyle our relationship is closer than ever.
8. No longer ruled by emotionally swings, energy swings, cravings, and blotting.
9. Clearer skin.

Of course I’ve been though moments of weaken and self pity. I would get anxiety about going out to eat with friends or attending weddings, but I’ve made it though. All this being said I couldn’t have done this would out grace, faith, hope, and love. I’ve always been a fat kid at heart.

We are still hoping to be blessed with children. We have been trying for 6 years. Who knows what this year will bring. That being said I feel more at peace than ever, knowing that whatever is in store will be exactly what we need.

Thanks so much for all of hard work Tarryn. I’m blessed to have found you.

Much Love,
Tricia Schulberger