Where do I begin. Being diagnosed with PCOS the beginning of this year left me feeling, alone and overwhelmed. Finding you and your programme has opened my eyes to every detail of PCOS, and how to manage my symptoms. I find myself referring back to the course when I need a refresher. The content of this course is easy to read and quite honestly a gem. This course has helped me both mentally and physically, and has given me the tools I need to be successful in managing my PCOS symptoms. I find myself spreading the word of you and your course to my fellow “cysters” and are jumping for joy to hear about the overhauled course. I am so thankful for you and this course!

ArinaSouth Carolina, USA

The information in this course was priceless! I have taken on an entirely different attitude towards the way I eat and see myself. Just by cutting out milk, soy and most all gluten I have lost sixteen pounds over the past 13 weeks. The biggest gift it has given me is the ability to control my eating. I’m never hungry and cravings are few and far between. My guilty pleasure is a 1/2 cup serving of coffee flavored cashew milk icecream, but even then, 1 serving is more than enough. I have not had the “sugar shakes” or a migraine headache in 14 weeks all thanks to your teachings. Thank you for all you have done for me. I am so glad I found you!

StaceyWashington, USA

This PCOS Master Plan really helped me to understand what was going on with my body, and the best way to combat the symptoms I was experiencing. It gave me tangible ways to get my family onboard, coping strategies, meal planning tools and the ability to really assess if what I was eating was the right thing. Most importantly, piece by piece, it gave me a bit of my confidence back to keep fighting when I was already tired of the disease, and reminded me that PCOS does not define me. Thank you Tarryn!

NatashaLondon, UK

This information was my first step in understanding the implications of my recent diagnosis with PCOS as well as providing a proactive, actionable and realistic plan and tools on how to help myself gain control of the situation going forward. One of the elements I appreciated the most is the personal close interaction with Tarryn throughout the course. Highly recommended!

LamaJeddah, Saudi Arabia

I began my PCOS journey over 23 years ago. Unable to take any of the classic medications, birth control and Metformin, I was on my own to deal with symptoms I didn’t understand and massive weight gain that came from nowhere. I was very athletic, never fat, and in less than 6 months went from a size 6 to a size 24! Discovering PCOS Diet Support has changed my life. I took the ‘PCOS Master Plan’ course and within 3 ½ months I was down 35 pounds, swelling has gone down massively, and around my stomach I have lost 10 inches! I am wearing size 16 jeans! I am MUCH healthier and am riding my bike, walking my dog, and sleeping through the night! I highly recommend that anyone dealing with PCOS invest in this course…the change you’ve been hoping for…the change that has happened for me…is within reach!

CarrieMichigan, USA

My dietician, GP and endocrinologist just don’t understand, and telling me to lose weight just didn’t work. This course has changed my life. I made some changes myself last year e.g. giving up dairy, but since starting the course I have given up take aways and started exercising too. I’m still struggling with eliminating the gluten completely, but getting there. The weight has started to come off, slowly but surely. Since starting HIIT my energy levels have increased. If you told me 6 months ago that I’d be walking everywhere and exercising, I wouldn’t have believed it. I am not as hungry any more and feel in control. I used to think I had an eating disorder and was a compulsive binge eater, but now I understand what was going on! I have also been diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder and clinical depression, but I’m wondering how much of that is actually PCOS related! Thank you so much for this course!

ChloeUK, Manchester

I have found this course immensely helpful. I now understand why I need to alter my diet, so that it helps relieve my PCOS symptoms. It has worked so well, after just a few weeks I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin, reduced hair growth, weight loss and general well being. I know I can now take control of my PCOS, rather than letting it control me. Thank you so much for the course – a life changer.

VanessaCrete, Greece

PCOS is a complicated condition to understand so the PCOS Master Plan course really helped me to ‘get my head around it’ as I found the style of the course very accessible – i.e. it’s in bitesize chunks and you don’t have to read tonnes of dull information because most of it is watching short personal videos from Tarryn. Also, during some of the videos Tarryn draws diagrams to explain the condition and what she is discussing, which as a visual learner I found very helpful. The course also covers every aspect of your life with tips on handling things like eating out, food planning and prep – so when you put it all together you’re much better equipt to get a handle on your PCOS and feel better soon!

JoanneUK, London

This course and information has made my PCOS journey not so overwhelming. I have read several books on my own about PCOS prior to taking Tarryn’s course however, I didn’t really know how to use all the information I obtained. Having someone like Tarryn who has been through the same struggles really break down all that information made coping with PCOS much less of a burden. The hardest part for me has always been self discipline, but everything you need to be successful is in this course!

MeganCharlotte, NC, USA