Clear instructions and tips. English isn’t my first language so the easy to understand way of this course is a big plus.  I have lost 11KG (24 lbs) and I eat more healthily. I have less fuzzy days also!

MiraFinland, Lemi

Honest information that I can trust, great advice on getting my symptoms under control.  I have already lost 7KG (15 lbs)!

SiobhanIreland, Roscommon

Someone wrote it all out in simple English and it made sense. It’s also all backed up with research and that give me confidence.  I’ve got better hormone control and understanding of my self.

JerushaAustralia, Melbourne

I love that it is not structured as a “Diet”but rather a change in lifestyle. Every time I feel like I am on “DIET” I feel pressured, eat double what I usually do and pack on the pounds! The PCOS Weight Loss Execution Plan is slow and steady and you look forward to eating this way for the rest of your life. It doesn’t make you feel instantly deprived!

JennySouth Africa, Pietermaritzburg

I always thought that cardio was how everyone lost weight. It was really interesting and valuable to realize that cardio and counting calories doesn’t work the best in people with pcos.

I’ve been able to cut out so many foods that I was eating before that I didn’t realize were bad for me since I have pcos

KathleenUSA, Kentucky

I like how well it is put together. You broke everything down so it’s easy to understand. I learned so much!  I’ve lost about 8 lbs. so far 🙂

KristaUSA, Greenfield