Fast Track Weight Loss with PCOS
Proven Strategies that simply work


The PCOS Weight Loss Program is the easiest way to lose weight with PCOS! Lose weight sanely and sustainably without feeling deprived…

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Someone wrote it all out in simple English and it made sense. It’s also all backed up with research and that give me confidence. I’ve got better hormone control and understanding of my self.

Honest information that I can trust, great advice on getting my symptoms under control. I have already lost 7KG (15 lbs)!

Clear instructions and tips. English isn’t my first language so the easy to understand way of this course is a big plus. I have lost 11KG (24 lbs) and I eat more healthily. I have less fuzzy days also!

What if You Could Work with Your Body, Understanding it's Rhythms and Needs so that you can Lose Weight Sustainably and Sanely?


...Without the overwhelm of navigating PCOS and weight loss alone.


It's Not Your Fault. You're Not Lazy and It's Not a Lack of Willpower

Having PCOS and struggling with weight isn’t your fault at all.

PCOS messes with your hormones, making it tough to lose weight and easy to gain it.

It’s not about willpower – it’s about how PCOS affects your body.

Fad Diets Don't Work. You've Tried Them All... Time to Change Tactics

It doesn’t matter how many diets we try, until we get to the heart of our PCOS and imbalanced hormones, we will always struggle.

And remember, we have PCOS for life so whatever we do we need to do it for the long term…

It Can Feel Really Unfair We Need Less Calories but Have a Bigger Appetite

Research shows that women with PCOS need fewer calories than women without PCOS and we tend to be less satisfied after meals.

The good news is that with the right strategy, we can enjoy food and lose weight without feeling deprived.

Introducing the

PCOS Weight Loss Program

The fastest and most sustainable way to lose weight whilst also managing the rest of your PCOS Symptoms

  • Sustainable Strategies

    Discover easy-to-implement strategies for effective weight loss with PCOS. Learn sustainable habits, helping you to not only lose weight but also enjoy a healthier, happier lifestyle.

  • Action Steps for Each Session

    Quick action steps after each session, taking the theory and applying it to your specific situation and life.

  • From Someone Who Gets It

    I know what it means to have PCOS. I get it. So we’re in this together.

The PCOS Weight Loss Program Outline

Learn streamlines, effective routines and diet habits tailored for managing PCOS, leading to a healthier, happier you..

Step 1: PCOS Decoded
Step 2: Strategies for Weight Loss with PCOS
Step 3: Activating Your PCOS Weight Loss Plan
Step 4: Emotional Aspects of PCOS Weight Loss

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What’s Included in the Program?



Cravings can be a major hurdle in PCOS weight loss, but the ‘Combat Cravings Kit’ is here to help! This bonus kit gives you the tools and tips to tackle those cravings head-on, helping you stay on track with your diet and goals. It’s all about empowering you to manage cravings effectively and maintain your progress. 

BONUS: Intermittent Fasting for PCOS Course

Dive into our bonus course on Intermittent Fasting for PCOS. This method can be a game-changer for weight loss and improving insulin sensitivity. I’ll guide you through integrating fasting into your lifestyle, helping you harness your body’s rhythms for better PCOS management.

BONUS: PCOS Recipe Packs and Meal Plans

Enhance your PCOS Weight Loss Program experience with our extra bonus of meal plans and recipe packs, specifically crafted for women with PCOS.

These carefully designed meal guides and delicious recipes take the guesswork out of eating right for PCOS.

They’re not only nutritionally balanced but also tailored to help manage your symptoms and support your weight loss goals. 

BONUS: Personalised Nutrition Plan

Dive into your bonus Personalized Nutrition Plan, designed uniquely for your PCOS and weight loss goals.

Tailored to fit your lifestyle and preferences, this plan offers a targeted approach to healthier eating and effective weight management.

Embrace a diet plan that’s customized just for you, and take a big step forward in your PCOS journey,

Meet Tarryn

My name is Tarryn Poulton… For the past 13 years, I’ve been deep in the world of PCOS – not just because I’m a certified nutrition coach, but also because I’ve been living with it myself.

I’m the person behind PCOS Diet Support, a space I created to share the ups, downs, and discoveries of my PCOS journey.

PCOS isn’t just something I study; it’s part of my daily life. That’s why I get the real-deal struggles and triumphs that come with it.

I’ve combined real-life know-how with all the sciencey stuff to give others with PCOS a helping hand.

I’m all about keeping it real and sharing what actually works. Whether it’s about food, lifestyle, or just making peace with your body, I’m here to help you navigate this PCOS journey with some friendly advice, backed by years of experience and research.

Let’s tackle this together and make living with PCOS a bit more manageable and a lot more empowering!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PCOS Weight Loss Program?

The PCOS Weight Loss Program is a specialized plan designed for effective weight loss while managing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It combines customized nutrition, appropriate exercise routines, and hormonal balance strategies, along with emotional support and community engagement. This program is tailored to address the unique challenges of PCOS, making weight loss achievable and sustainable

How long does the program take to complete?

The core program is structured to be completed at your own pace, with many women seeing significant improvements within the first few weeks of consistent application of the strategies provided.

Is this program suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The PCOS Weight Loss Program is tailored to accommodate all levels of experience, from beginners to those who have been managing PCOS for years.

Will I need to purchase any special foods or supplements?

No special foods are required. We encourage eating whole, nutritious foods that are easily accessible. Supplements may be suggested, but they are not mandatory for the program.

What makes this program different from other weight loss programs?

This program is uniquely tailored to the needs of those with PCOS, offering not just dietary and exercise guidance but also support for the emotional and hormonal aspects of PCOS.

Are there any additional resources provided with the program?

The program includes various resources, such as recipe packs, supplement guides, and downloads to enhance the learning and application of the strategies.

What if the program doesn’t work for me?

We stand by the effectiveness of our program with a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t see positive changes within a specified period, we offer a refund or additional support to ensure you find value in the program.

Can I access the program content on my mobile device?

Yes, the program is designed to be accessible across all devices, allowing you to learn and implement strategies from anywhere at any time.

When will the course be available?

You will have full lifetime access as soon as you register.